indoor cycling

Experience the ultimate group stationary cycling workout! Led by motivational, specially trained instructors and set to an upbeat soundtrack, enjoy a complete cardio and strength training program. Indoor Cycling classes are ideal for beginners and advanced participants. Burn calories with the lowest impact on your body. Classes are offered at the Training Room in Springfield PA, convenient to Baltimore Pike, Media and Swarthmore.

Indoor Cycling Class Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6am Ride and Run Class

9:30am Cycle/CoreCombo

10:30am Cycle/TRX

9:30am 9:30am Cycling + Strength 8:30am Cycle

9:30am Cycle Boot Camp

9:30am Cycle
12pm Cycle 6:30pm

7pm Cycle +Strength
6:30pm Beginner


  • BEGINNER CLASS: never tried it before? Join us for a shorter, introductory style class. This class will focus more attention on the basics of cycling, with a longer period for warm up and cool down. Instructor will explain procedures and safety information throughout classes to acclimate new riders and prepare them for more advanced classes. (Please note that beginner class is still a great workout….suitable for riders of any level!)
  • CYCLE BOOT CAMP: not just a ride! You will get a great aerobics workout, with periods of strength work off of the bike. Be ready for a total body strength class like you’ve never experienced before!
  • CYCLE + STRENGTH: a regular cycling class, followed by a 15 to 20 minute strength and core session.
  • POWER CYCLE: 30 minutes of intense cycling, followed by 10 minutes of core work.
  • T2 – RIDE AND RUN: train like a triathlete! Periods of cycling followed by intervals of running and endurance work.
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the training room peace thru strength 1440 Wallingford Road Springfield Pennsylvania 19064